Website Search Engines

To the Top - Site Submission is a very important part of your Internet presence. You may have the best site in your line of business but if no one looks at your site it will not reap the rewards it deserves. To ensure you site is going to be seen it must rank high in the search engines. These search engines will need to be pointed in the direction of your site.

In our experience the only sure fire way to do this is to do it manually, this is done by visiting all the major search engines and typing in your information into the required fields. There is site submission software that does this for you. However we find that most of the major search engines will tend to ignore submissions from these programs, giving priority to submissions completed on their site pages by hand. Automatic submission software will not benefit you in any way. In fact some search engines will knock your ranking if you spam it with such software.


Webnet Works can take care of this task for you. Regular submission will mean you should achieve a higher position with the major search engines. We will also check your site is optimised correctly. This includes making sure that the keywords in your site and in the hidden META TAGS are set to an optimum to ensure more visitors from search engines.

We can quote for this on a one off yearly payment or a regular monthly payment. This would cover the actual manual submission and any changes to the keywords or body text on your pages.


For a cost of just $99 Webnet Works will optimise your website for search engines and manually submit your website to all the major search engines. All you need do now is contact us and we will come back to you with a series of questions we will need answered in order to ensure we have the optimum information. We will then add the desired keywords.